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ITS - FIT - 004 - Management of Documentary Credits Documentary Credits are a complex yet powerful payment method.  We will look in more detail at this instrument and its more advanced applications. In this learning unit we will look at key elements of the Documentary Credit process from availability of the LC, documents that can be called for in the LC as well as checklists for ensuring proper presentation of documents according to the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. We will also examine the various types of Letter of Credit available and their features.     Having trouble accessing the course? Email us at support@ebsi.ie or contact us on Skype at ebsikiltimagh and we will help you out!   Read More

ITS-03-FIT-005 - Bonds & Guarantees Here you are going to study different types of bonds and guarantees, their purpose, the parties involved and how they operate. We will also discuss how bonds or guarantees are managed by banks. In this Learning Unit you are going to: - Learn what types of bonds and guarantees there are and how they operate; - Analyse advantages and disadvantages of different types of bonds/guarantees for exporters; - Discuss the parties involved and their responsibilities; - Examine how bonds/guarantees are managed by banks. Having trouble accessing the course? Email us at support@ebsi.ie or contact us on Skype at ebsikiltimagh and we will help you out!  Read More

ITS-03-FIT-006 - Short and Medium Term Finance In this unit you will explore Short and Medium Term Export Finance products which are of great practical benefit to the exporters cash flow management.   We will Explore: - Invoice Discounting - Factoring - Bill Discounting and finally work through the procedure for a Forfaiting Transaction. This will be achieved by: - Becoming familiar with fundamentals of Short and Medium Term Finance - Understanding the key concepts relating to working capital and management of receivables. - Exploring the invoice discounting process - Contrasting Invoice Discounting to Factoring - Learning what benefits factoring offers to a growing business; -  Studying fundamentals of Forfaiting; - Discussing differences and similarities between Factoring and Forfaiting; Read More

ITS-03-FIT-007 Factoring Fundamentals Factoring is the fastest growing form of trade finance in the World at the moment. Factoring is the purchase by the factor of debts evidence by invoices where the factor pays out an agreed advance taking an assignment of the debts. Factoring is flexible and provides fast access to cash for the seller with a growing sales ledger. The role of the Factoring in Trade Finance is increasing dramatically. It is therefore essential to have a good understanding of the foundatioins of factoring operations. In this unit you will learn: - The basic procedure in factoring operations; - The operation of a Factoring company; - The key contents of a Factoring agreement - Risk management for Factoring operations. Read More

ITS-03-FIT-008 - Export Credit Agency Finance We will see that ECA programmes focus more on medium to long term trade financing always with the objective of supporting exports from with a high national content of national production. Export Credit Agencies (ECA's) provide either direct or indirect governmental support to their national export sectors In this unit you will learn: - The role of the Export Credit Agency (ECA); - Supplier and Buyer Credit Strucutres; - The fundamentals of Warehouse Finance. Read More

ITS-03-FIT-009 - Structured Commodity Trade Finance Commodity Trade Finance is a complex business. Apart from standard trade finance instruments the trade banker needs to be familiar with Letters of Indemnity (LOI's) , warehouse warrants, trust receipts and the like. The trader and bank alike needs to be familiar with foundations of Asset Based Lending, which is what we will look at in this module. Structured and Commodity Trade Finance is a complex business.  All the trade finance tools we have learned about in earlier units are used in Structured and Commodity Trade Finance. In this unit you will learn: - The basics of Structured Trade Finance - An introduction to Commodity Trade and its Financing - The role of the Letters of Indemnity (LOI) - The Risks associated with Letters of Indemnity. - Foundations of Asset Based Lending in Trade Finance Read More

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